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70 minutes of action featuring the Class 40’s which were without doubt one of the most popular types of diesel electric locomotives ever to work on British Rail. The familiar sound of their English Electric 16SVT 2000 H.P. engines gained them the name whistlers.

The video was shot during the 40’s declining years and covers the period 1980 – 1988.

The quality is variable since 4 different video cameras were used plus some of the material has been transferred from colour film.

D200 is captured at Toton Depot during restoration work along with donor locomotive 40076. D200 is seen again on the last run from London to Norwich and York in 1988. The locomotive was carrying a headboard that evoked memories of the demonstration run from London to Norwich 30 years earlier almost to the day. 40004 is featured on The Broadsman Railtour from York to Lowestoft and Norwich.

The 40’s were still being rostered on passenger trains such as York – Liverpool and Manchester – Skegness. These trains often resembled railtours rather than scheduled services since they were often packed with enthusiasts. This video includes a memorable shot of 40013 working hard through Slaithwaite in 1984 on the 15.15 York – Liverpool with 12 up and enthusiasts waving out of the windows.

There are some nostalgic scenes at Hereford in 1980 with 40085 on a pick up freight.  Wonderful scenes that will never be seen again. There are more enthralling scenes at Chester in 1984 as 40086 stops to pick up more revenue earning freight.

Locations include – Hereford, Sleaford, Oulton Broad South, Whitlingham, Stainforth, Healey Mills, Toton Depot, Lowestoft, Norwich, Chinley, Marple, Guide Bridge, New Mills Central, Ashburys, Romily, Manchester Victoria, Huddersfield, Strines, Slaithwaite, Skegness, Cresty Lane and Chester.

40’s featured in action – 004, 013, 046, 047, 079, 085, 086, 096, 099, 118, 141, 152, 177, 197 and D200.

Locomotives condemned – 025, 057, 058, 076, 087,094, 148, 187, 192 and 241.

This DVD also contains a bonus title – D205 at Ipswich C.1959.

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