Class 50 Tribute Volume 1 - 50th Anniversary edition £12.99 including postage in U. K. Available to order online by clicking the “buy now” button below or via more traditional methods by clicking here.

This is the first volume in a series dedicated to the Class 50’s. If you already own the “Class 50 Trilogy” previously issued by DTV, then this is not new material to you as this volume is included within the trilogy.

Although built for West Coast Main Line use the Class spent the bulk of their career working into the West Country out of London Paddington and London Waterloo, as well as through to Penzance and the important Paddington – Oxford service. They were also a familiar sight in parts of the Midlands.

On this video we see them at work in The West Country and at London Paddington. First is the unforgettable sight and sound of 50’s in action at Dawlish, Dawlish Warren and the coastline in between. Among others we see 027 in full flight through Dawlish Warren, 019 and 042 romping along the coastline by the sea wall and the awesome sight of 024/048/002/004 coupled together; almost 11,000 BHP and over 450 tons in motion.
At Newton Abbot we get our only sight on this volume of a 50 in Network SouthEast Livery, 017 looks resplendent having just returned to traffic from works. The signal is off and anticipation rises of a 50 passing non-stop; we are well rewarded by the fine sight and sound of 012 in charge of the 11.45 Paddington – Plymouth service. Also featured in this section are Starcross, Paignton and Totnes.

Exeter St. Davids was a mecca for fans of the Class 50.  It saw trains from London Paddington and London Waterloo besides other services worked by the class. We see a good selection here and a bonus on the day was 011 hauling cement up to Exeter Central Yard. The same loco later teams up with 002 and they haul a rake of Mk.1’s through the station.
We make our first visit in the series to London Paddington on a winter day in 1985 as we watch 50’s working a variety of stock including Mk.3’s. There is plenty of smoke and I make no excuses for a long sequence of 027 awaiting time and departing.  Better open a window at this point to let the fumes out.



Class 50 Vol 1 Pic

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