Class 50 Tribute Volume 2 - 50th Anniversary edition £12.99 including postage in U. K. Available to order online by clicking the “buy now” button below or via more traditional methods by clicking here.

This is the second volume in a series dedicated to the Class 50’s. If you already own the “Class 50 Trilogy” previously issued by DTV, then this is not new material to you as this volume is included within the trilogy.

Volume two sees 50’s in action at Waterloo, the West Country and Reading. 014 stands at Waterloo and having been joined by her driver starts up to get us rolling. Waterloo was a good location for filming 50’s starting up as the rules dictated that they had to be shut down to avoid smoke and noise pollution. No such rule applied at the W.R. Terminus for the Class; London Paddington, as can be seen on volume one of this series. We also see No’s 007, 009, 027 and 041 in action at Waterloo.

Next we visit one of the most well known stretches of West Country Coastline at Teignmouth. We see some spectacular shots of the class in action here. 012 passes as children play on the beach followed by 041 sounding in fine form with a train of Mk.1’s. 026 bursts from under the fine bridge with the waves crashing in the background and 008 comes charging up the incline. 004 then passes at close quarters followed by the stunning sight and sound of 002 charging up the incline towards the camera.

We then move to Teignmouth station where we watch several 50’s both stopping and
non-stop, including 044 calling with a light 5 coach train.
Other locations included are Exeter Central, Torquay, Bristol T. M., Plymouth, Newton Abbot, Paignton and Exeter St. Thomas.

There is also plenty of 50 action at Reading including 031 and 024 double heading.


Class 50 Vol 2 Pic

Diesel Traction Video