Norwich and the surrounding area in the 1980s’ volume 5 with a running time of approx 70 minutes. £12.99 including postage in U. K. Available to order online by clicking the “buy now” button below or via more traditional methods by clicking here.

This volume begins at Gissing level crossing as we reach the end of 1985.
We get our first look at the new Inter City ‘raspberry ripple’ livery that was phased in over a period of time. As coaches emerged from the paint shops in the new colour scheme they were mixed in with the blue & grey stock. The transition period took some time.
The arrival of 1986 finds us by the passenger yard box at Norwich on a bright & crisp January day. Among the action here is 47487 that has been turned out by Stratford with a paint job to match the stock. 47487 is seen again crossing Trowse swing bridge with 9 out of the 11 coaches in the new livery.
Overhead electrification was proceeding at a fast pace & by the end of February had almost reached Trowse Lower Junction. Diesel locos were in charge of trains from Norwich & changed for electrics at Ipswich.
Norwich passenger yard box closed on 1st February 1986. Witness the event first hand, inside the box, with a front seat view.  Highlights of the last hour are included.
Then watch the signalman put back as 47609 becomes the loco in charge of the last train to pass the open box. Reality strikes as the box closing bell code is sent & answered.
Next, more action at Norwich with snow on the ground & the sad sight of the passenger yard box being demolished.
On a happier note the new large logo locomotive livery is being introduced & we see it adorning 47634 Henry Ford.
Settle down & enjoy a cab ride from Diss to Norwich. The motive Power is 47437.
Tivetshall, Swainsthorpe. Trowse Upper JUNC., Trowse Lower JUNC., Trowse Yard, Trowse Swing Bridge & Norwich Thorpe JUNC. Are all still in use.
Newton Flotman crossing is followed by some melancholy shots taken around Trowse Old Station.
We end with another look at the Harford Bridges viaduct now spoilt by the paraphernalia associated with over head wires.

011 Norwich Five 1

Diesel Traction Video