Norwich and the surrounding area in the 1980s’ volume 7 with a running time of approx 60 minutes. £12.99 including postage in U. K. Available to order online by clicking the “buy now” button below or via more traditional methods by clicking here.

The Railfreight Speedlink service was possibly at the height of its popularity in 1986. Class 45’s began to appear regularly on the service to cope with the heavier trains. We include several of these trains in and around Wymondham. We see 45036, 45189, 45058, 45182 and 47088 in charge of this service. Turn up the volume when
45036 departs. Special thanks to the March Driver for the treasured and memorable video. 

Next is the rare sight of 20129/182 with the Mountsorrel – Trowse Redland hoppers. The train is shunted into the down sidings at Wymondham to allow a Birmingham N.S. – Norwich ‘flyer’ to pass. The 20’s are then seen returning with the empties.
Next we gain privileged access to Trowse Swing Bridge signal box to see classic shots of a Signalman at work.

Historic shots at Norwich Thorpe Junction, with the signal box still in operation, show service trains and stock movements. The sight of 47581 ‘Great Eastern’ rounding the curve past the box, then with the power station as a back drop, is the stuff that memories are made of.

More privileged access finds us in Trowse Yard signal box. Here we see some more, never to be repeated, classic shots of a Signalman at work. After some sad shots of Norwich Thorpe Junction signal box being demolished we move on to Hethersett. We linger awhile to soak up the scene around this handsome little box. The new road bridge can be seen under construction. The bridge will replace the level crossing operated by the Signalman.

We now go back in time a few months. I thought that it was important, although off the Area, to include the loco changes at Ipswich. The change over happened with every Norwich – Liverpool St. train until the wires finally reached Norwich. 47577 is replaced by 86244 at the London end and 86246 replaced by 47437 at the Norwich
end. The sequence is preceded by a cab ride extract aboard 47577.

We now move to 1987 and a favourite location at Trowse with the wires are now up, changing the scene completely.

Another sign of change is the sight of 47220 in Railfreight livery. An even bigger shock to the system though, is the sight of 47582 ‘County Of Norfolk’ in Network South East livery.

Other locations include Victoria coal depot.
More changes coming in Volume eight.

Nor 7 Cover Pic Copy of 45036ready to depart wymondham after picking up with 14.50 norwich whitemore 1 5 86

Diesel Traction Video