Norwich and the surrounding area in the 1980s’ volume 8 with a running time of approx 70 minutes. £12.99 including postage in U. K. Available to order online by clicking the “buy now” button below or via more traditional methods by clicking here.

On the weekend of 14th and 15th of February 1987 Trowse Swing Bridge over the River Wensum just outside Norwich was replaced.

The old double-track swing bridge which had been in place since 1905 was replaced with a new single-track bridge.

While the bridge replacement was undertaken all trains from the Midlands, Ely, Cambridge and London Liverpool St. started and terminated at Wymondham. The first 45 minutes or so of this video is focused on that weekend which was quite an exercise in logistics.

Eastern Counties provided a Bus service into Norwich and the weekend went without a hitch. That weekend is here for you to enjoy with some super close-up action and a few familiar faces.

We then move lineside near the new swing Bridge where the scene has changed dramatically since our last visit. Colour light signals now replace semaphores and are controlled from Colchester.

47580 heads for Cambridge with V.S.O.E. Pullmans. More action follows before exhibits begin to arrive for Crown Point Open Day. 31172 hauls 86220 and wiring train. 47582 hauls 50023 and stock. 47451 and High-Speed Track Recorder. 45104 hauls 56065, 58020, 20030 and 55022. 31136, 73148 SUB and BILL.

The Open Day itself is also included.

4498 is seen on the main line en route to and from the open day on the actual day. 4498 is also seen being hauled by 31408.


Nor 8 Pic

Diesel Traction Video